Please Help me On YouTube

Please Help me On YouTube

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big Storm

We had a tornado warning around where I live and my two little brothers were freaking out.
Once we got to safety I was shaking from the tornado warning!
Our safety place was in the basement of the next door church.
When we got there, there was a Stanley Cup Hockey game playing on a really big TV.
I felt very nervous about what could come to our home.
All I kept hearing was a hockey game with a bunch of teenagers yelling and having fun.
My Dad checked the storm and it was all over.
We went back home and wrote this the first of my blogs.


  1. What storm? I thought it was an outdoor movie.

  2. Kiersten say's..."How could all this drama be a movie?"

  3. Omg Kiersten. I was freaking out D: i was like "THE HAZELS ARE IN DEDHAM MOM. HOLY HINDU COWS" I'm glad you guys are safe :))
    and woot! Bloggers MWUAHAHHAA XD
    -Elle McGrath

  4. ik r (iknow right) i'm glad im safe! i saw on the news BIG tornadoes!! I was afraid big time.Once my mom heard the train sound she was like.. thats it were going in the basement.And im like i don't wannna go in the basement it's an old house!
    as you know we went in the church basement,AWESOME
    PLACE!! Kiersten:)