Please Help me On YouTube

Please Help me On YouTube

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My voice recital part 2.

My voice recital went great i was SO nervous. But in the middle of the song right before the bridge
i forgot the words on stage! it was very embarrassing. Luckily, i had remember the lyrics to the second
song. I had to friends i invited Jordan and Gianna and my friend Katie was my friend and was part of the show!
I had hears so many great voices. After the show everyone got snacks my friend Gianna came over after for a cookout. After the cookout i slept over Gianna's house and did our web show the GK show    I had fun with Gianna, Jordan and Katie ( AMAZING VOICE )
and i'm glad i did the voice recital
                                                 Hazell :)


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  2. Congrats on ur Recital!! :DDD Im sure you did great dispite a little nervousness ;) hope to see you soon!!!
    Ugh accidental deletion of comments is pleh XD